Increasing crop yield by creating ideal conditions for plant growth

Tropical or subtropical plants are the primary sources of most of the crops that we eat every day. This indicates that for them to grow properly, they need an environment of 25-35 °C and 70-100 % air humidity. But the reality is that many nations only experience such perfect weather for one or two weeks out of the year. Moreover, places where such conditions are available, are not accessible consistently. In most places, these difficulties make it difficult to have the best plant growth with ideal quality and quantity.

What if you could maintain ideal growth conditions and protect the health of your plants simply by enabling IoT in your greenhouse? Aqualink's Smart Greenhouse is an example of a solution that uses IoT, AI, and ML technologies to create an ideal greenhouse automation system.

Do you know?

  • According to a number of investigations, plants exposed to high temperatures show lower chlorophyll production, which in turn results in decreased photosynthesis.
  • In the summer, intense sunlight globally damages kiwifruit by 5.6% on average, and if the damage is not controlled, it can reach 45%.
  • For 24 to 36 hours, crops including rice, velvet beans, cotton, and peanuts are seriously harmed or even killed when exposed to chilling temperatures between 1°C and 5°C.

Aqualink’s Greenhouse Monitoring Features

Our Smart Greenhouse Monitoring Solution is made to help farmers cope with the problems associated with energy consumption and ensure a healthy crop development under ideal circumstances.

Monitor the metrics that matter the most

  • pH

  • Soil fertility

  • Temperature and Humidity

  • Water consumption

  • Energy consumption

  • Luminosity

Architecture Diagram

Additional Features

  • LED lighting and monitoring

  • Soil monitoring

  • Auto-optimized environment

  • Reduce operating expenses

  • Diagnose in real times

  • Reduce crop failures

  • Irrigation optimization

  • Remote management