Air quality data monitoring & management solution for safe & energy-efficient workplaces

Industrial processes like burning fossil fuels, chemical processing, mixing and drilling into tunnels and mines, metal casting, coatings, oil paintings emit a large amount of toxic gases like carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, methane, sulphur dioxide, hydrogen, etc that lead to adverse effects on work environment. In case these gases are inhaled or not controlled in limited proportions, there are chances that it can lead to serious health hazards.

Industries like mining, petrochemicals, metal refining, oil & gas, recyclable, fertilizers and refractories are considered dangerous and they ought to manage safety compliances. The accidents due to gas leakages are common there. With an average person spending around 90% of their time indoors, the effects of poor indoor air quality are more injurious compared to outdoor air pollution. That’s why it is important to monitor and control gas emissions from these industrial units.

Our IoT-based Smart Air Quality Monitoring Solution with automation capabilities allows you to assess toxic and flammable gas proportions along with the concentration of air pollutants round the clock.


IoT-enabled smart air quality monitoring solution helps in measuring weather parameters, the concentration of air pollutants and particulate matters round the clock.


Early gas leak detection

Improves conditions and efficiency of workplace

Increases human safety

Generates actionable insights

Suffices government safety compliance

Reduces environmental health risks

Additional features

  • Real-time monitoring of gases with analytics on a dashboard

  • Map-view interface to easily locate devices

  • Smoke detection and alerts to ensure fire safety

  • Store air monitoring data for compliance checks

  • Monitor multiple facilities using a single interactive app

  • Analyze information collected from multiple sensors