One Platform – Infinite possibilities

Aqualink provides a robust IoT platform that provides key capabilities of securely interacting and integrating disparate devices and optimizing business operations. It gives you real-time and historic insights on your connected assets and automates numerous tasks.

IoT platform

Building a complete IoT solution can be a challenging task, as it requires technical expertise, a lot of time, resources and capital. Even the resourceful companies eventually end up with long development cycles, high operational cost and low ROI. On the other side, a ready-made IoT platform simplifies the development and deployment of IoT applications, as it connects devices and sensors easily, delivering more value than a do-it-yourself platform. The best part of ready-built platforms is that they are scalable. So, it can scale to meet the increasing needs of the company, as your business grows. Moreover, it does not involve building it from scratch, saving a lot of time which can be invested in focusing on the core competencies.

Meet Sensometer

Sensometer is a full-fledged Platform as a Service (PaaS) that helps you connect things quickly, generate new insights and enhance decision-making capabilities. It facilitates device communication and data storage adhering to robust security protocols. Sensometer equips enterprises with a feature-rich toolkit that enables developers to build and deploy connected IoT solutions, making the product development process faster while reducing the risks and costs associated with it. Our engineers have chosen the state-of-the-art technologies and leveraged predictive analytics to build Sensometer for all industries.

What sets Sensometer apart from the rest

Sensometer helps you boost efficiency, manage assets better and adopt innovation faster in this smart connected world.
Three main reasons why you will want to choose Sensometer over any other IoT platform are: faster time to market, simplicity and the one stop shop.

Faster time to market

This easy-to-use platform will help you build apps easily and quickly as it involves neither manual coding from scratch nor connecting disparate frameworks and technologies.


Be it a beginner or an experienced professional, the intuitive UI will make it simple for everyone to connect and model things using rapid application development tools.

The one stop shop

Sensometer is a single platform with multiple IoT capabilities right from easy configuration and cross-device communication to real-time device monitoring and multi-layer security.

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