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Aqualink Bangladesh Ltd designs and develops all sorts of hardware and software solutions and provides various business entities with feature-rich toolsets, as per their requests, that allow developers to create and deploy linked IoT solutions, speeding up the product development process while lowering risks and costs associated with it. Our solutions are thoroughly focused on our users and emphasize the client first.

Aqualink Bangladesh Ltd. works with clients to design and develop all sort of hardware and software solution. Our solutions are fully focused on our user and emphasise on the client first.



Aqualink's IoT software and embedded system building blocks; accelerate the development and connect products and services that are powering smart cities, enterprises, factories, homes, and vehicles.


For future business AI and machine learning is the most important technology for a better representation of your unstructured data. AI-driven software is helping companies to increase manufacturing and logistics efficiency, improve customer relationships, reducing human errors, and boost sales. We can serve you with extensive analysis and actionable predictions that will help you to grow your business.


As a means to safely and securely access all the data provided by our products, our team has built beautiful and intuitive web panels. The control dials and report feature in the web panels are key to know more about your business and optimize work efficiency where necessary.


Robotics industrial automation is changing the face of production. Manufacturers around the globe are implementing some form of automation to become more efficient, safe and ultimately to increase revenues. While some advantages are obvious, there may be more than you think.

Our Products

Proudly Made In Bangladesh

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  • Smart Attendance System
  • Sensometer
  • Turnstile Gate Barrier
  • Baggage scanner
  • Archway Metal Detector Gate

Smart Attendance System

Smart Attendance is a biometric fingerprint and RFID card reader-based stand-alone system used for access control and it can be installed independently.


Sensometer sends sensor data periodically to the cloud where it can be accessed via a website and a mobile application. The website consists of statistical data which is arranged in an easy-to-use dashboard. Reports can be generated here as well as historical data can be seen which would be beneficial for the end-user.

Turnstile Gate Barrier

Aqualink Bangladesh Ltd. Import, Supply and Provide Complete Solution of automatic gate barriers in Bangladesh. All Our Selected Products to Sell in Bangladesh Market are Planed As Per Bangladesh Customer Requirements also Ensuring the Best Quality Products suitable for Our Any Kinds Of Clients Environments Needs.

Baggage scanner

Aqualink X-ray baggage scanners operate based on the x-ray penetration principle. Widely used in national security, which covers the national research institutions, detention centers, courts, prisons, procuratorates, Army, airports, subway and railway stations, docks, schools, embassies, tourist attraction, logistics, big events etc

Archway Metal Detector Gate

A walk-through metal detector is used to detect hidden metal, such as small blades, paper clips, electronic chips, etc. in the body. It is a sound & alarm light and low consumption. It is harmless to the health of a person.

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We work close with our clients projets to provide a unique experience


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