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Smart Attendance System

Smart Attendance is a biometric fingerprint and RFID card reader-based stand-alone system used for access control and it can be installed independently.


Data Backup in Cloud and Device and customizable as per client requirements.

Web & Mobile Application A user friendly web application to monitor attendance data.

Network Connectivity (Wifi/GSM/LAN)

Access control with machine readable card with unlimited capacity.

Fingerprint reader with durable and highly accurate optical sensor. Capacity range: 1000-5000.

Easy, interactive, secured registration process.

Automatic access control with all the connected devices are automatically synchronized.

Buzzer and LED indicators. Alarm, door bell, exit button can be incorporated.

Organization policies and all custom reports are implemented in the software.

Smart Attendance System also known as “Q-Pass” is a biometric fingerprint and RFID card reader-based stand-alone system used for access control and integrated with complete Human Resource Management Software.

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Yes based on the requirement we can provide the required number of finger access of a particular user.
We have a registration process that is fully controlled by the web application. Except for fingerprint, it does not need any other user key input.
We are providing 1-year replacement warranty
Yes, we do. You will have 3 years service warranty from the date of installation
Cards with operating frequency 125 kHz
Cards with operating frequency 125 KHZ
Yes. With customization in software, you can use this in any organization as well as add extra features that will automate some processes.
Yes. Our support team can integrate the software into your server.
Yes, you can. As all the devices are connected through a central server and access information is synced automatically to the connected devices based on the access.
A mobile application is there for location-based attendance for the sales team. Integrated with the same software.
No, it is splashproof. Need to be installed in a shaded area.