Sensometer provides remote access to detailed real-time monitoring with a warning system to safeguard your production and storage facilities

Integrated Sensors

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Cool Dashboard




Live Door

Live door opening or closing statusor sensor, Exit button, Alarm, Door Bell can be incorporated


Total electricity consumption of the compressors
Running Hour : Total running hour of individual compressor

Alert and Reports

Push Notifications and SMS can be enabled
Daily and Monthly reports available from accessing the web panel
Custom Report :Any custom required reports can be provided


Remote compressor control(ON/OFF)
Running Hour : Total running hour of
individual compressor
Sensometer sends sensor data periodically to the cloud where it can be accessed via a website and a mobile app. This website consists of statistical data which is arranged in an easy to use dashboard. Reports can be generated here as well as historical data can be seen which would be beneficial for the end user. Our device is most utilized in storages , where perishable goods are stored, grain silo, any cold storage environments e.g. Frozen food and meat processing factory, Warehouse Freezers, Cold Storage Trucks, Leather storage, Beverage factory, Tobacco factory, Paper mills or any premises that has relation with the environment.
Optional features include the GPS which can be used in storage vehicles. The Door Trigger alert notifies the user how long the door of the storage has been open and if opted for push notification, sends a message to the user about the current condition of the storage. The reports generated reflect the conditions of the storage while the door was open.
Push Notification alerts can be modified to send messages when for example, user has set a minimum limit for any parameter and the device detects that the threshold has been crossed.
Another key feature of our device is remote compressor control. Where a user can remotely turn on and off the compressor around the world. User can  calculate the total electricity consumption of the whole industry which in turn can help the user ensure efficient use of electricity. Data is always synchronized with the server with proper security. Data Storage is dependant upon the package chosen. Further details regarding package can be learnt from the provided hotline number.
How It Works
Your warehouse is fully under supervision with our device sensometer. Sensometer is a  monitoring and controlling device that will automate your industrial monitoring process. With our device you can real time monitor the environmental parameters of the storage room. Alongside this you can know the door of the cold storage is opened or closed (for how many times/duration).
With our device you can control the compressor of the chiller room with remote starting and closing feature, You can also know the total running hours and electricity consumption of individual compressors. All this data is secured in our cloud server. From where you can see desired reports and monitor in real time around the world. We have a separate web application and an interactive mobile app for this purpose.
Pricing Details

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Item Specification


Metal box of SS Sheet.


It support up to 4 sensors for temperature and humidity

Led Indicator

3 led (Green for door close, Red for door open, Yellow for network indication)


AC 100-240V; DC  12V 2A

Operating Temperature

 0°C to 45°C




It has a Monochromatic Display to show the sensor value in real time and other important parameter.

Door sensor

Each device support one magnetic door sensor which will be installed for detecting the door status.
Clients Overview

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Can I use the device in any type of warehouse?

Yes you can. If the products of your warehouse has any dependencies on the inside environment you can use our device.

Do you have any service charges?

We have a data charge that is based on the package chosen

Warranty period?

We are providing 1 year replacement warranty

Do you provide any after sales service?

Yes we do. You will have 3 years service warranty from the date of installation.

What is the temperature range?

Our sensor can read temperatures from –-40ºC to 80ºC

What kind of solution do you have for a large warehouse?

Our device can be integrated from 1 upto 4 sensors that will cover the whole warehouse

How to setup this device?

Please contact us to set a setup plan

Can I send data to my own server?

Yes. Our support team can integrate the software in your server

Does the device has a battery backup?

Currently not available.

How can the device help me reduce electricity bills?

From our device you can real time monitor the warehouse condition. And you can also remotely control the compressor. It will ensure the proper usage of your resources. Which in turn will help you to reduce your bills.